Tumalone lifestyle

One of the most well-known and outspoken fashion designers in South Africa, launched in 2004. Tumalone, designs and manufactures ready to wear design for an international woman who demands a classy system of dressing. Tumalone specialises not only ready to wear garments but we are also the soul provider of ladies knotted leather belts in South Africa.
Founder and Creative Director , Tumi Matji has a signature style -her pieces are known for sharp tailoring and slinking sense of effortless femininity. The brand is a celebration of all things feminine and has a timeless look with African opulence. We are in the investment dressing that makes a statement for any occasion.
Tumalone is an epitome of the understated modern woman, from the boardroom essentials to sexy sophisticated cocktail wear. Our tailored suits gives bespoke glove-fit accentuate the female form.