Royal Wardrobe Designs was founded by a young black women from Polokwane Matshaya Boitumelo Boale(Selepe). It is operating from the home garage at moment, with three employees.

Royal Wardrobe Designs is an organization where personality meets fashion, we believe it's not about the size but it's about the body shape. Our body consultation does not only focus on body but the client's personality is also taken into consideration when designing an outfit. We sketch the design, make pattern and sew garments best fitting for the client. We do make orders for companies. Everytime you deal with Royal wardrobe designs one feels like a king/queen. "Dynasty never dies" as our slogan says.


Design garments and suit, wedding gowns, Natural fibres fabrics, Sewing machinery, Synthetic or man-made fibres fabrics, Dress Fabric for special uses, Hat, Underwear, Beachwear, Sewing services and Sportwear.


Matshaya Boitumelo Boale(Selepe) is a 32 year old, black lady from Polokwane. She's a very creative and hardworking designer who is always willing to push boundaries, go against the rules to bring out the best designs. Would like to bring nations together in a fashion sense.


Participated in a fashion reality TV show in South Africa, the Intern by David Tlale, shown by sabc3 for a period of 4 months. As a result I showcased at AFI_MercedesBenzSA fashion show. I have also won the JockeySA women underwear challenge with the Intern by David Tlale, as a result my lingerie piece has been sold at the Jockey store, Eastgate mall in Johannesburg. Showcased in Torino Fashion Week 2018


Royal Wardrobe vision is to have factories that would be producing great quality of clothes from infant range to adult range and distributing to different shops and boutiques.

To have our very own boutiques in town or malls where we specialise in body consultating and image consultation. A boutique where fashion meets personality. A place where a client gets to sit and relax, served with drinks as we do the sketching of their design based on the body shape, skin colour, where we interact with the client to get to their personality so the best suited garments can be produced specifically for the client.

Other of Royal wardrobe’s vision is to penetrate the international market, taking South African products to the world making sure to make our mark internationally, introducing our culture with the modern twist that would be incorporated with any of the cultures abroad bringing in a different flare in the market. To compete internationally and to be the best internationally!

Our mission is to remain true to our brand and not compromise the quality and design of the product. To serve our clients with integrity and passion. Creating an environment for kings and queens because our clients are exactly that.