MUNAMER: a story of a story of eclecticism and exploration


MUNAMER by Chiara Taffarello

I was born in Treviso in 1983 where I grew up and I graduated as fashion designer in 2016 at IED university. Since then I have worked as designer and buyer for several Italian and European major brands. Thanks to my job I had the opportunity to do one of the things I love the most, travelling to many parts of the world.

While working in Pakistan I had the chance to learn about Muslim culture and I relized how much women interests and tastes could be similar to ours, breaking our assumptions that western and muslim world are very far from each other. I also got to know what it is defined as ”modest” fashion and I saw that although the style was created for women willing to cover their bodies because of religious beliefs, this concept is evolving and is seeking to define a new femininity.

The idea of starting MUNAMER came after that experience. I wanted to create a new lifestyle concept for muslim women ( and not muslim too! ) who wanted to treasure the modest tradition but who also love life, travel and sport.

During my trips I noticed that these women were not comfortable with going into the water because they didn’t have a suitable swimwear. Someone was wearing basic and dark Burkinis Which were really different from their daily clothes, so colorful and beautiful.

Witnessing this lack in the fashion market, I decided to create my own burkini brand which comes along with a fancy and modern concept .
The idea is to give any type of woman the opportunity to enjoy their time at the beach while being on trend, elegant, feminine, comfortable and above all modest.

Munamer is a journey to an exotic, radiant and colorful atmosphere, and means ease, freshness, originality and femininity.

The entire collection is designed by me and manifactured in a small italian textile laboratory. For me is an honour and a challenge to prove that modest swimwear doesn’t have to be dull, but can be fun and fresh and with Munamer I’ll do my best to blend the Italian taste and modest fashion needs.