Hao Weimin


David Sylvia

David Sylvia is an independent designer brand created by Hao Weimin(David Hao. It has an elegant French romantic style. At the same time, it combines ancient and mysterious oriental culture and uses various elements to blend various cultures and show strong artistic tension. The brand uses chic design and exquisite cutting technology to bring out the beautiful lines and noble temperament of women. The high-quality fabrics are used to show the dazzling, dazzling and elegant women's clothing, and work fine, to meet the mature female aesthetic.
David Sylvia combines the high-end custom-made craftsmanship with the practical concept of life, and dresses the dress to meet the needs of modern urban fashion women. It reflects the perfect combination of elegance and practicality. The brand pursues high quality workmanship and always walks. At the forefront of fashion!