Giovanna Sicurella

21 giugno 2019
Art runs into Gianna Sicurella’s veins since the childhood, when she pressed her little and coloured hands on her father’s canvas. This behaviour preannounced a funky-rock-ground soul. As a child, she needed to express herself at full blast; she looked for a personal path brought back from the conscience through several feminine ways. The natural improvement of this feeling has changed over the years, evolving in Giannaesse. Giannaesse is the dynamic expression of an emotion: it starts from the “obsessive” precision of the idea, the design, the project, the tailor-made approach. It welcomes the spiritual changes of people living in a world not chained by standard styles, codified fashion and social boundaries. Giannaesse is not only a stylist, but a fashion reality running for over 15 years, specialized in formal clothing and wedding dresses.
Giovanna’s collections have always been influenced by other artistic expressions, such as photography, textile-paining and the long-lasting research of a “new modernism” that approaches the iconic elegance of Forties and Fifties.