Lisa Loren

Hand-painted accessories and bags

Elizaveta Velikanova was born in Saint Petersburg. She obtained the Industrial graphics diploma at the Art High School and in 1990 she graduated in Art History. In Russia, she worked in the real estate and interior design sectors following both public and residential projects.
In 2012 she moved to Italy according to family needs and she began a brand-new life, even from the creative point of view. Elizaveta Velikanova started producing portraits, miniatures and paintings about Russian icons, using different art techniques (oil on canvas, watercolours, pastels on paper, egg-based paint on wood, acrylic colours on fabrics and leather).
Each accessory was hand-painted. In 2016 she created a clothing collection for women and young girls, in collaboration with Structure Atelier (the company developed the design and the set of pictures painted on clothes and accessories). In 2017 they took part together to the second edition of Turin Fashion Week presenting Amrita Kids brand.
During the same year, Lisa Loren brand was established: the goal is now to customize the appearance of modern women. Using Lisa Loren brand, Elizaveta Velikanova creates collections of bags in limited edition: they’re characterized by interchangeable latches, rich decorations showing details about famous paintings, hand-painted custom accessories. She also manufactures clothes and shoes. Her motto is “Be different, be unique in this world. I will help you creating your own style”.