Find the connection between clothing and art

He hides deep into the desolation, facing his own memories. All the marks of confrontations—broken, burned, stale—are the immortals of the material world.
The lucid, drained in pain, use needles and threads to suture the familiar images.
The ridge and exhaustion of fabric are the soundtracks of each gaze into the art world. The seams link fragile stitches together, caressing the grains of imagination. Garment is the indication of the unknown, a creation only those who have intense aesthetics might have a chance to reach.

About the designer - founder

Lou was brought up in the clothing industrial vibe, which led him to the design area naturally.
In the later days, his design met some art pieces in common by communicating with some artists whom he knows.

By then ,he finally ensured his passion to the clothing design and further he long to get inspired more and more from the power of the art . here it is what we get now the brand ASHRAM, which show the designer’s ambition to discover the inner and the connection between fashion design and the art.